Testimonials from Military Families and Professionals

“This is phenomenal Training!  I cannot wait to share this concept with my spouse, friends and family.  Thank you for bringing this to us at Fort Bliss!”


“This was a phenomenal course.  It reaffirmed a lot of beliefs and values.  I love how the course challenges you to change yourself, the only one we truly have control of.  In this day and age when we allow so many external factors to regulate our lives, it’s refreshing to see curriculum/lifestyle modification classes that focus on looking internally.”


“I could not believe how useful this program was in such a short amount of time. I immediately reflected on the principles in my home as the situations arose and was amazed at how easily I was able to implement them. I can’t wait to study more and truly implement all of the principles in my relationships. I may have wasted many years but I am confident that I will be able to start fresh and improve the ones I have. Thank you for an invaluable lesson!”


“This is great–please implement ScreamFree leadership, ScreamFree military, SF marriage at the military installations as well.”


“ScreamFree Parenting helped me to realize that ALL people scream, but positive parenting is about learning to control MY emotional reactivity to become a calm and more productive parent. ScreamFree is not only about positive parenting, but also about positive relationship building.”


“This program is wonderful!  As a mother of a very bossy 3 yr old, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this training and to meet Hal! I am so excited to employ the techniques I have learned.”


“Wonderful training!  Great trainers!  Best training I have been to in a long time.”


“I really enjoyed the training.  Powerful content and instruction.  This makes for a better therapist, parent and person.”


“I have really enjoyed the messages I received from the training.  I will be able to apply the principles to both my personal and professional life.  Thank you so very much for sharing with us such a wonderful way of parenting that will make something better and my children see me in a different light.”


“Excellent, the best parenting workshop I have ever been to.  Thank you so much!  My family and I need the help!  I really enjoyed the workshop and I am so excited to be able to teach this curriculum to my parents.  But most of all, I am excited and thankful to have found a curriculum to use with my own family-children!”


“This training has been a God send .  I can’t wait to use it with my family and with my clients.  Thank you!”


“Thank you so much to all of you!  I have taken so much out of these few days with you all.  I am anxious to continue my ScreamFree journey with my kids in hope of developing them into self-sufficient adults.  I am so glad you all came.”