What is Operation: ScreamFree?

Our mission is to help U.S. military families around the world grow calmer and closer, increasing their ability to survive the traumas of service, deployment, and war. This trauma includes an escalating divorce rate among soldiers with repeat deployments, worsening grades and behavior issues among children of deployed soldiers, and dramatically increased rates of spousal abuse, child abuse, alcoholism, and suicide. According to a recent study in the Journal of the AMA:

  • For civilian mothers, child abuse and neglect rates increase by 195% when the soldier spouse is deployed
  • Upon the soldier’s return, emotional abuse cases increase by 221%

At over seventeen installations, ScreamFree has shown to make a significant difference in the lives of over 15,000 of these families. Your generous donation will help bring more peace to the home of a military family, who is striving hard every day to do the same for us.

"I can't say enough about the positive impact ScreamFree has
had on our families at Fort Drum.”

- Senior Spouse Julie Terry, wife of LTG James Terry
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